November 6, 2009

What do you think?

Do you think Brayden looks sick??????
Well me either!!! So when I called the pediatrician today I felt CRAZY!! My baby was laughing, babbling, and jumping all over the place. However...when I picked him up from Mrs. Julie's he had only eaten 5 ounces ALLLLLL day! This is NOT like my baby boy, so I called to be safe. And at 5:00 we found ourselves getting packed up and heading to the doctor. After a LONG wait (full moon) and detailed check by the doctor, he determined that his ears WERE better and in the next few days he would be eating fine. He determined that the antibiotics were probably just upsetting his tummy.

So we survived our first ear infection and it was cleared up with just one round of an antibiotic. Yeah!!

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