March 25, 2009

Sick again...

My first graders have managed to pass along every illness imaginable this year, and I've been lucky to dodge most of them. But yesterday it caught up with me and fever hit me about 3:00. We had a field trip to the zoo yesterday (which at 9 months pregnant just about killed me) and you could see the pollen everywhere. I'm almost convinced its just a sinus infection, but I'm afraid to rule anything else out. I have 3 children with pneumonia, 2 with flu, and 2 with sinus infections!

I am SO close to having our baby boy that I don't want to take anything that will hurt him in any way. So starting an antibiotic last night was difficult for me, but I knew I needed to get better so I could take care of him. Even not feeling well, I'm so blessed by everyone around me. My wonderful husband came home from his soccer game (this is major people) to take care of me when he found out I had fever. My principal excused me from my after school obligations with no penalty so I could pick up my meds and get in the bed. My children at school have reminded each other all morning long that "Mrs. Bridges doesn't feel good so we need to listen." They are so precious! My parents of my children send me notes daily to let me know they are thinking of me and wishing me the best!

Only 1 more week until Spring Break, so I'm hoping this antibiotic gets anything I was exposed to and that will be the end of it. Then I will have some time away from school and any germs hiding in my classroom! My baby boy keeps moving to remind me he is okay and I'm so thankful for that. I'm hoping the rain we are going to get the next couple of days will wash out some of the pollen which has collected on EVERYTHING! Until then, I'm locking myself in my bedroom :)

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Hollie Heming said...

I'm with you girl! We've all had the "yuck" in our house. Feel better quickly!