May 13, 2010

A Great Mother's Day!

Mother's Day this year started off very stressful...
For the last month, my baby boy has been fighting something awful. Stopped up, not eating, not sleeping, and just screaming! After 3 different antibiotics, and double ear infections, he went to daily injections of medicine. It's an injection which was awful to watch and I know was terrible painful (the same injections I got for my kidney infection.). Mother's Day was day FOUR of shots and was going to be the doctors call for if Brayden needed tubes. Luckily, the day started fantastic and we got a clean ear bill-then we were on our way!
I knew when he started dancing around the doctors office he must have been feeling better...
Please keep him in your prayers-we go back on Tuesday for a check up and if there is any fluid we will be in for tubes Wednesday! This makes for a very nervous mommy!
Then we met Grandma JJ for lunch! Brayden was such a good boy-and it was even nap time!
Uncle Joey and Great Grandma Millie came with us too.

Daddy let me pick the plans for the rest of the day! There was nothing I wanted more than to just enjoy my time at home with my boys. Brayden and I played in the yard while daddy cooked the best pork chops in the world for us!

After dinner we tried Brayden walking in the grass again...he didn't like it too much.
We think this is super funny because when daddy was little-he wouldn't walk in the grass either because it tickled his feet! LIKE FATHER LIKE SON!
I just love my boys and I just love being a mommy! Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

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