May 23, 2010

Image Change

So I was pulling out summer clothes and looking through bathing suits recently...then it hit me! What in the world was I thinking when I bought some of these things!?!?

I have one bathing suit that I bought right after having Brayden. I was so desperately wanting to feel pretty and attractive for my husband, and wanted to believe nothing about my body had I did it. I bought a $60.00 bathing suit that now I would be ashamed to put and hold my child at the same time!!! It is definitely going to go in the "when we take our 2nd honeymoon" pile.

Then I pulled a couple of shorts and dresses out to try on. One by one they went into the "give away" pile! It's amazing how everything has changed since I have had Brayden...and now I feel like my image is having to change as well.

It's not that I dressed like a hoochie or anything!!! It's just now I feel there's a way I want my son to see me-and it's not in a low cut dress or too short shorts. And some of the items in my closet just don't seem appropriate for now. Like ANYTHING dry clean or hand wash only! I have actually found myself checking the cleaning labels first when I'm buying things. I get Brayden's food spit on me at least twice a day, so dry clean is just not going to do it for me right now. And anything strapless I wear lasts about 30 seconds before Brayden is trying to pull it down!

So...the next big check I get this summer (i.e.-no childcare take out), I will be making my way to the mall to buy a couple of new essentials for my closet!

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Orange Blossom said...

I so know what you mean...Its like the motherly instincts take over your "WHOLE" life....Including your clothing choices...Things I wouldnt have been caught in before I had my daughter are the things that I feel are appropriate more short shorts, no more short skirts, no more low cut shirts....lolo