May 16, 2010

Splash Park!

Our good friends the Worley's had a birthday party for their middle child yesterday. Since Piper and Brayden are so close in age, they invited us along! We had so much fun at the Splash Park! Of course my observant little boy had to check everything out, but soon he was brave enough to get in!

He preferred the light sprinklers of course! This was his first experience with water other than the bathtub!

Grandma JJ came along to play too! Brayden held on tight when we got close to the big sprinklers!

And of course he had to put the grass in his everything else at this point in time!

My precious walking little boy! He's just so much fun!

And can you believe mommy forgot a TOWEL!!!??? So we just stripped him to his diaper and let him air dry :) He didn't seem to mind. I can't wait to take Brayden back to the Splash Park again!

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