September 19, 2009

What goes DOWN...comes right back up!

We have been having a horrible time with Brayden's reflux lately! It seemed the minute we started solid foods he began having more trouble. He tried Zantac but it didn't do anything for him. He started sleeping horribly, screaming while eating, and not able to lay flat at all. Now we have switched to Prilosec and it seems to be better. However, I'm going to run him by the doctor's next week to be weighed. I'm thinking he just needs to go up in dosage. He has started to show signs of the meds not working, but he is almost 2 pounds heavier. This whole situation has had me such a mess the past few weeks. I want so desperately to help him, but there is no instant fix when he is hurting. It's awful to watch as a mother!

Ever since having Brayden, I have noticed a strong switch in prayer. Now they usually revolve around my family instead of myself. My current prayer is for his reflux to get under control so he will be feeling better, and so our clothes will last longer than 30 minutes!!! I'm thinking it's time to purchase some cute bibs!

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