September 27, 2009

New Chair!

Brayden loves to sit up and look around at his world. Daddy and I chose not to buy a new highchair and use mine from when I was a baby! Because it is an older wooden model, Brayden can't quite sit up in it yet! It doesn't form to his body and until he can support himself sitting up, we needed something to use. I was sooooo upset looking at the prices of high chairs, then out of the corner of my eye-we found the infant to toddler booster chair! It is GREAT! Since we have a high table and chairs in our dining room, the booster makes it the same size as a high chair. Brayden LOVES it! I couldn't even get him to look at the camera when we put him in it. He sits in his booster and watches us in the mornings, and waits patiently..haha right...while his bottle and food is prepared. Then when daddy and I eat, he can sit with us! And allllll his toys can lay on his table for him to play with! So...until he can use mommy's OLD chair, he's going to use his NEW one! :)

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