September 28, 2009

Are you talking to me??

Have you ever been to church and felt like God made the message that day just for you?? Lately with all the stress in my life from work and illness, that is just how I have felt. One thing that has helped relieve some of that stress however, has been our small group study on "For Men Only" and "For Women Only." Daddy and I are a part of a marriage small group which has 6 amazing couples we get to share our faith with. I always feel stressed about going because my "to do" list is forever long...but once we get there and talking, I always walk away feeling rejuvenated and happy (like the gym for some people...not me).

Having a baby made us feel back at the beginning of our relationship because we were having to start all over again. Daddy and I found ourselves stressed with each other when we should be coming together. Reading these books has opened such great communication and when we read it I always feel like it was written all about ME! I keep thinking "how did they know that?!?" I feel like these books have brought us back to where we wanted to be before Brayden was born. I want to keep working on "us", and LOVE our small group studies because it gives me time to stop and appreciate daddy for the wonderful man he is. It's so easy to forget to make him feel that way when you are caught up in the daily stresses life brings. I feel like these books have really helped keep our faith in check and relationship healthy, so if you can get your hands on them...its TOTALLY worth the money! I've always been told "if mommy and daddy are okay...then baby is okay." I pray I can always have that in the front of my mind!

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