October 2, 2009

A Small Vacation

I use the term vacation very loosely. I did get two days off of work (which left me with a 4 day weekend), but the situation was not ideal. Because Brayden has had swine flu, he cannot return to child care all week. So daddy and Brayden got 2 days together and mommy and Brayden got 2 days together! Thursday afternoon he started feeling much better, so that left us with a GREAT Friday together. I enjoyed spending time with him! We did the laundry, cleaned house, sat outside, watched movies, and took naps. It was great!

Although the time with him was amazing...it also left me sad. I've been having a really hard time since school started back. I feel guilty leaving Brayden each and every day. Everyone says: "It gets better." Does it??? I haven't found that yet. I think about him all the time and want to be with him all the time. Me not working is no option, so I'm praying for the Lord to bring peace to my heart. I have found a great in home care provider for him, and he is being loved by her! But I haven't fully found that peace yet. I mean just look at this precious thing... who would want to leave it.
Everyone also says: "being away makes your time with him more special." But my time with him is always special. So that doesn't make me feel any better!!! For all of you working mom's out there...how are you making the best of your time away?

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Anonymous said...

So glad Brayden is feeling better...what a precious boy!