October 24, 2009

6 Months

I can hardly believe my little boy is 6 months old. I still feel like he was just born, and I can still recall every feeling I had that day. This past week we went to our 6 month well check up and got the following report:
  • 18 pounds, 6 ounces-75th percentile
  • 26.5 inches long-50th percentile
  • 10th percentile for head! Yeah!! Had a fear of "big head baby" syndrome!
  • able to move to 2nd level baby foods
  • had 6 immunizations

About 12 hours after his shots he started running fever. I have always scheduled his appointments for Friday in case this happened. That way he wouldn't be in child care and we have to leave work. However...mommy made a THURSDAY appointment this time since all was well the other two times. Shame on Mommy. So we had to leave work and pick up Brayden with 102 fever and come home. He has had a rough 24 hours and woke up in the middle of the night last night for the first time in FOREVER! But he hasn't had high fever since yesterday afternoon, so we are hopeful that the worst is over.

Some other fun things about our precious 6th month old are:

  • he's starting to want to sit up on his own! he can support himself for about 5 seconds now...it's too funny!
  • he's wanting to feed himself
  • he's moved to size 4 diapers
  • he's eating 3 meals a day and one bottle before bed
  • he's starting to be very alarmed at loud noises-and cried for the first time when Cali barked last week
  • no stranger anxiety-however the doctor tells me "Brooke...it WILL come and it WILL be much harder to leave him in the mornings then...but it's just a phase." Great-looking forward to that one...like leaving him isn't hard enough!
  • he likes to look out the window in the car
  • he's close to needing a new car seat, so we are in the shopping market for one now!
  • he creeps everywhere on his tummy
  • he's actually starting to want a paci
  • he's not sucking his thumb as much, only when it's bedtime

At first, I didn't want him to grow a day more! I wanted Brayden to stay my little baby boy forever. I always want him to be my precious baby boy, but I'm loving each growing day more and more.

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