October 3, 2009

Christmas in October???

If you can believe it (haha), I have already began my Christmas shopping. I've been trying to take money out of every check to get a little here...little there. I'm good with getting my family gifts, but I'm a little stuck on Brayden. He will be almost 9 months at Christmas...ahhhhhh! I know we are going to get him:

  • Radio Flyer wagon for next summer and the beach

  • clothes

  • shape sorter

  • toy telephone

  • books with sound and texture

  • blocks

  • bath toys

We need to get him some things to last from 9-12 months, and longer if possible. We will get him some new toys for his birthday. Okay experienced moms...any ideas?


Hollie Heming said...

My suggestion is not to buy him very much, because he will get PLENTY of "stuff" from everyone else :).

Jennifer Harris said...

Austin has always loved his cookie jar shape sorter and knocking down block towers that I build. He also loves to play with his bath toys and read books. You've got a really good list so far and I agree with Hollie that he's going to get more stuff than you'll know what to do with, so don't worry about buying too much. Maybe a nice keepsake would be a good idea.