October 24, 2009

Super Saturday!

Brayden has been running fever from his 6 month shots all weekend. And on top of that he is fighting a cold, so he is really congested. He took only two short 45 minute naps today, so you can only imagine the fussiness! We decided to get out of the house. We thought it would help Brayden to be elevated in his carrier, and he is such an "on the go" baby, we knew he'd love to get out. So where to you take your baby when you just want to get out:


First we check out car seats, then we looked at Halloween costumes. I'm determined not to buy a Halloween costume, but I just might break! He has so many precious Halloween outfits, I think it would be crazy for us to buy a costume too!
So after that we made our way through the precious baby shoes and into the "bigger boy" section of the store where daddy and Brayden played dress up with the cowboy clothes!!

Next we headed over to the new "holiday" section to search for my Christmas presents (knowing they would never make it until then!) In every aisle, daddy had to play with EVERYTHING and then we checked to see if Brayden liked it. First the piano, then the tickle me Elmo, then the trucks, then the toy cell phones...you get the picture! I don't know who had more fun on our Saturday afternoon out....daddy or Brayden!?!

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