October 4, 2009

New Entertainment

Brayden's latest kick is being in his walker. He likes to play with the toy bar attached, but doesn't quiet get you MOVE the pieces. He just wants to eat them. So daddy and I get a laugh when he starts gnawing on the bar. In fact, he likes his walker so much I can hardly get him to look at me for a picture!

He also really likes his teething toy. We have tried giving him different things to chew on so he wouldn't go for his thumb so much. I really could care less about him sucking his thumb, but we just thought we would try and confine it to nap and bed time...(Brayden says yeah right)! We have tried other teething toys that were textured or attached to other toys, but he doesn't like them at all! He likes the smooth water filled toys. So if that's what my baby wants, that's what my baby's getting!!!

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