October 17, 2009

Still holding strong!

When Brayden was born, advice from others started coming left and right. One of the most difficult pieces of advice thrown my way was:

Don't hold that baby so much...it will make him rotten! It will make him spoiled! It will make him not want to be held by other people! He will have to be held to get to sleep!


Well guess what?

I held him then...And I'm STILL holding him now!
And for the record...my son doesn't mind anyone else holding him, he doesn't have to be held OR rocked to get to sleep, he doesn't have stranger anxiety, and well okay...maybe he is a little rotten! But I'm pretty sure holding him isn't what did that :) So to all my new mommy friends...you hold those sweet babies!

1 comment:

Heather and Travis said...

I couldn't agree more! I hold MK a lot and she doesn't have any stranger anxiety or mind others holding her.

Brayden is precious!