October 12, 2009

Time of our lives

Daddy and mommy both have birthday's in November, so tonight we were trying to decide what the other wanted. After a few minutes of thinking daddy made a SO SO true comment:
You know...the things I want have just changed so much. They aren't important like they used to be. If you get me just a soccer chair or something I'll be happy. Those "things" we used to want just don't seem as important anymore.
What a brilliant man I married...and I couldn't agree with him more! Having Brayden has just made such a priority switch in our lives that those "things" we wanted for our birthday's or Christmas just aren't as important anymore. Now we want to GIVE to our precious baby boy instead of GETTING for ourselves. I can't wait to enjoy the giving season we are about to enter. I'm just having the time of my life with my boys, and the memories I make with them are the only things I want to GET in this life.

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