October 9, 2009

What a Pro!

Brayden has really become a pro at eating solid foods AND using a spoon! He knows what he's getting when we put him in his high chair and he gets VERY excited. We know this by his coos and kicking of the feet! So far his favorites are sweet potatoes and carrots! As you can tell from his sweet potato smile here! He is also currently eating: applesauce, squash, and bananas. We are starting peaches and pears next week. He has been having half a Gerber container twice a day (fruit for breakfast, veggie for lunch), but next week we are moving to a half container at lunch as well. I was worried he was eating too much, but since starting solids twice a day he has dropped a bottle feeding putting him at 30 ounces a day (give or take a few). Dr. W assures me he is not eating too much and is a great size. This man is WAY up on my totem pole these days, so his approval means everything to me!
I still LOVE my bath times with my sweet boy, but eating solids is coming in at a very close second! :)

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