October 24, 2009

A First For Mommy

I have been super excited about Brayden's first big holiday. Mommy and Travis are coming over to trick-or-treat with us...like the 3 houses we are going to. Then we plan on passing candy out to the actual trick-or-treaters!

I have been wanting to carve a pumpkin for the porch, but since it was a first for me, I figured I'd try it at work first. (I teach first grade if you didn't know) The kids at school were super excited. We did a big pumpkin unit and celebrated our learning by carving our own pumpkin. We estimated the circumference, predicted how many seeds, and guessed the age of our pumpkin. Then we cut her open and explored the inside. We voted on what to carve into our pumpkin...
All I have left to say is..
The whole pumpkin carving thing is MUCH harder than it looks!!! If you can't tell...we made a bat! I'm glad Brayden won't be able to remember this pumpkin!

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