February 20, 2010

Sharp dressed man!

What an amazing day the weather gave us! I had to get Brayden out and enjoy the day. Since daddy was in Charleston all day with soccer, JJ and I took Brayden to buy his FIRST pair of shoes and stroll around outside at Sandhills!!! He is wanting to walk all over the place (holding onto things of course), so I knew it was time to start looking for our first big purchase!
First we got him measured....my big boy!!! Size 3.5 WIDE! This measurement made me realize I need to exchange ALL the shoes I have recently purchased at Gymboree!
After finding his size we tried on some shoes :)

And made sure they were a good fit!

Brayden sat with JJ while I bought his first pair of new shoes. Mommy was super excited! The Stride Rite people were great-recommend them highly!

When we got home, we took a stroll in the wagon to enjoy the weather some more. Brayden couldn't keep his hands off his bells for the first few minutes!!
Too precious!

After our stroll, I let Brayden walk with his toys in the yard for a while. We had to break in his new shoes!! He had a fall in the grass which led to this allergic reaction....like father like son. It didn't seem to bother him too much thank goodness. What an amazing day we had...

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