August 29, 2010

Picking up the pieces

I know...I know...It's been forever!!!!

Let me fill you in from the last 20 days of my life!
  • started teaching kindergarten
  • had to switch childcare providers
  • have a crazy 16 month old who is CLIMBING everything! I can't look away for 2 seconds!
  • got a tummy bug-ew
  • then daddy got a bug-really ew
  • Brayden got a cold-back to the doctor with him-started to turn ear infection but we caught it soon enough
  • had a pregnancy scare-yes SCARE! Didn't think it was in God's plan for me right now-glad I was right!
  • daddy started back soccer-TWO teams...
  • had 2 nervous breakdowns wondering if I can handle being a working mother
  • been to bed at 7:30 or EARLIER every day since school started
  • and have NOT had the time to figure out how to upload pics from my new camera

So......that's a little about what has been going on around here! When I can pick up the pieces of this craziness, and I can begin to find some sort of structure to my days, I will upload some new pics of the Bridges family! Until then....


Heather and Travis said...

I think teachers all over the world have been having nervous breakdowns this week! Ha! I know I have had my share. I too get so overwhelmed with being a working mom, but I know that I just need to get into a routine and slow down a little. (Not sure when that will actually happen!) Thinking of you and hoping things get better! Did you end up getting a Nikon or Canon? I can't remember. Let me know - if you have the NIkon I can so help you out!

Anonymous said...

I hope & pray things get better soon!!!! I do think its going aroudnd though...I've been carzy feeling too!
Thinking of you!!!