March 17, 2010

11 Months Old

I cannot believe that Brayden is 11 months. He just amazes me! At this point he is:
  • crawling everywhere!
  • Says "mama" "dada" "bye bye"
  • shakes his head no
  • laughs ALL the time!
  • eats most anything
  • hates the bottle, although this isn't exactly new
  • sleeps through the night almost every night
  • cruises on everything AND everyone!
  • starting to stand on his own
  • STILL loves bath time
  • has started to love cartoons, we only let him watch when he is having his bottle by himself
  • is moving into 18 months clothes

I cannot believe that one short year ago he wasn't even here, and now in 30 days he is going to be one year old. I have always heard it flies, but man...I wasn't ready. He is truly God's greatest gift! Can't wait to see what month 12 brings :)

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Kathy said...

Sounds like Brayden dislikes the bottle now as much as Will did! Weaning off the bottle was no effort at all! In fact, the nuk sippy cup was the only way he would accept any formula! He still loves his nuk sippy cup :). Can't wait for pictures of the BIG birthday!