March 7, 2010

Just not allowed...

I had always heard that "mommies never get sick" but the past two weeks have given me a firsthand look into what that really means...

I started feeling sick about two weeks ago. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a "virus". Code for=we have no idea what it is. So I was sent home with NOTHING, and told to get some rest. YEAH RIGHT!!! I went to work the rest of the week because we had a huge celebration of learning planned, I had the district office staff observing, and two assessments to give to my kids before Friday. Not only did I work, I took care of Brayden all while feeling like I was going to fall on my face.

See...its soccer season in the Bridges household, which means I get to be all alone Monday-Friday and some weekends until May.

Then after barely making it through the weekend, I got worse with fever and had to finally break and call in sick for 2 days. Everyone told me to "take it easy". But any mommy knows that taking it easy while you are sick means-cleaning the house, washing clothes, cleaning bottles, making plans for work, washing dishes, taking the dog out, and making sure Brayden doesn't pull everything out of every cabinet in my home.

So I really got a good look at being sick and being a mom. It just doesn't happen. Even when we are sick, we have to constantly be going. When our husbands get sick, they become number one. When our children get sick, they become number one. But what about when we get sick???? Don't you remember the days your mom would bring you special food and check on you to see if you needed anything. I guess those days are over!! So, I have made a pact with myself that I just cannot get sick anymore!

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