July 21, 2010

22 Things Brayden learned at Nana and Granddaddy's!

1. Hospital rooms can be super fun!!! I liked going to visit Papaw Moss. He let me play with his walker!
2. Nana has 1 million teddy bears...and I was intent on playing with ALL of them!

3. Nana and Granddaddy have lots of rooms for me to explore.
4. Granddaddy has the best truck books!

5. With a heat index of 114...I can get away with wearing my cutie booty's every day in Louisiana!

6. Burger King makes the best straws!

7. Nana's fridge isn't as easy to open as mine! (He was NOT happy about this!)
8. Granddaddy makes the BEST homemade ice cream ever!

9. My cousins, Dylan and Jacob, are a lot of fun!
10. My Aunt Kelly sure knows how to pick a Birthday present!

11. The best part of any present is the paper!
12. Louisiana has the coolest double decker carousel EVER!

13. Raising Cane's chicken fingers might be tied at first with Zaxby's!
14. Pulling out all of Nana's bears is fun!
15. Weddings are a whole bunch of fun!

16. My Nana sure can dance!

17. Granddaddy makes a great dance partner too!
18. Not even daddy can keep me off the dance floor!
19. I get my good looks from the Bridges men!
20. My cousin Jacob is crazy!
21. Nana and Granddaddy's tub is just as fun as mine!
22. I get my pouty face from my daddy.
I miss you already Nana and Granddaddy!!!!!!!!!!

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