July 25, 2010

It's coming...

My body is already showing signs that it's coming..........
  • Not sleeping
  • Intense Anxiety
  • Stomach flips
  • Anxious to spend every waking minute with my boys
  • Not wanting to put Brayden to bed
  • Crying when I think of how much Brayden has grown the past 3 months
  • Crying...a lot!
  • Making cuddling times last much longer
  • Asking for more kisses than usual
  • The fear of missing something
  • A growing to do list
Yep...in just 2 short weeks it's coming. I know since I'm this upset now, it's going to be an extremely difficult time for me. But, whether I like it or not, the time has come to go back to work :(

1 comment:

Kristy said...

I hear ya! I always hate this time of year when we go back. I know it must be super hard leaving your little guy! Hang in there!