October 6, 2010

18 Facts at 18 Months

1. Brayden loves to run his mouth!
He says: mama, dada, bye bye, milk (mil), shoes (soos), ribbit ribbit, moo, ssssss (snake), no no no, Elmo (melmo), book (boo), oh oh (uh-oh)

2. Brayden is climbing everything! The couches and chairs, his slide, the dog, the stairs, and he has even starting trying to find boxes to stand on so he can reach all the things I moved to higher shelves!!!

3. Brayden has 10 teeth. 2 molars are all the way through, and there are 3 working their way out. It was an ordeal to have 5 molars all at the same time, but at least we are knocking them out all at once!

4. Brayden is wearing 18-24 month clothes, 5.5 size shoes, and a size 6 diaper! I love my big boy so much!

5. Brayden can touch his nose, eyes, and ears when asked. And he can find mommy and daddy's belly button too...he's starting to find is own as well!

6. Brayden LOVES green beans, raisins, fruit snacks, turkey, vanilla ice cream and especially watermelon. He is also in love with candy corn which is crazy because daddy and I can't stand it! I keep telling myself one day he will expand his eating habits! Another crazy food fact is that he will NOT eat red meat....crazy!!!!!!!!

7. He loves to play with his shape puzzles, stacking cups, and toy cars. However, his most favorite toys still remain the remote control and our cell phones!

8. We are working on eating with a spoon and fork, and I must admit the reason he doesn't is all me. I'm all about "finger food"...and it has rubbed off on my son!

9. When Yo Gabba Gabba comes on you would think he won the lottery! He freaks out! Can't wait to capture it on video to enjoy forever!

10. Brayden LOVES to read! He runs over with books and plops in my lap. His favorites are Hug, Elmo, Are you my mother, and Richard Scarry's book of words. He turns the pages and points to the words with me. It's one of my favorite times of the day :)

11. Lucky for us, Brayden is a great sleeper. He goes 12 hours at night and takes one 2-3 hour nap a day. We have great bedtime routines so we read, put him down, and shut the door. If he ever fusses, we know something is wrong! And thank goodness he hasn't figured out he can climb out of the crib yet! We will milk the crib as long as we can!

12. Brayden is a dancing machine! He and daddy love to dance around the den together and stir up the dog!

13. He loves play dates with his buddies...and so does mommy!

14. Brayden drinks milk...only...no juice...no tea...no coke...no water...I've tried!
Milk only!

15. Recently, he discovered he knows how to flush the toilet. So he does it OFTEN! He keeps getting in the bathroom which makes me think he can open the door. I haven't actually seen him do that yet though.

16. Has getting dressed down pat! He knows how to pull his arms through his shirt and knows to lift his legs for his pants. Although he isn't fully dressing himself, he certainly wants to! The he tries to put on his socks and shoes which is too funny to watch!

17. Brayden has a shoe fetish...is he mine or what!?! He loves to pick up daddy's shoes and hold them up and say "soos". Then if daddy says "not those", he goes and gets another pair. When we get Bradyen's shoes down to put them on, he plops on the ground and sticks his foot in the air!

18. Brayden likes to walk around the house and give all the photo's kisses!

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Jennifer Harris said...

He'll be two before you know it! Happy 18 months to Brayden!