October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Brayden was so excited his friends could come trick or treat with him!!!
Had to do some playing before heading out.
We haven't had much luck with the bear costume, so we were a little worried. He did alright until...
we put the head on. Then he fell apart!
So we just let him leave the head down and he did great!
We stopped by our neighbors house. He has a haunted house every year. We thought it would be less scary in the day time!
Then we loaded up and were off!
Charlie led the way!
And Brayden followed close behind!
Merritt was a great big sister and helper!

Brayden learned very quickly how to get candy into his pumpkin!
We are so lucky to have such great friends to celebrate with!
Some neighbors gave LOTS of candy to our precious little bear! Who could resist him!?!
J.J. and Travis helped out by handing out candy while we were out. Then Brayden helped hand out the candy.
Charlie made a new friend!

Brayden did not quite understand why his friends had to leave.
After they left, we desperately tried to get a good bear picture for Nana and Granddaddy!

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Jennifer Harris said...

What a cute little bear! Looks like he had a blast!