April 2, 2009

9 Month Jitters

As I've entered my 9th month of pregnancy, all my anxieties and fears have started to settle in.

Will I have a hard labor?
Will I have the strength to go on the next 3 weeks?
Will I be a good mom?
Will Chad and I remember that WE started this family and the baby is an ADDITION to that?
Will I have everything I need?
Will Cali still feel loved like she does now?
Will we ever get to sleep again!!??

So many questions. I'm just trying hard to remember that I cannot be totally planned for this time in my life (which is very difficult for me). I pray that God gives the the knowledge and strength to know what to do and to give my family all that they need. I have heard these questions I'm having are "normal" for women 9 months pregnant, but I feel alone in them sometimes! Even though I am getting scared and starting to question myself, I am filled with excitement as well!

What will he look like?
Will he have blue eyes...I hope I hope! (only thing I'd love to pass on to my son!)
Will he be a good sleeping/eating baby?
Wonder what God has in store for his life?
When can we take him out and show him off!?!

So I have wonderful thoughts as well as scary ones! It's not long now before our little one gets here, so please keep us in your thoughts as we anxiously wait for him to get here!

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Heather and Travis said...

Hi Brooke!

I love checking in and reading your blog. You look terrific!

I know you are excited and a little scared. Don't worry one bit. I have only been a mom for seven months and I still am so excited, but also scared at times. I happen to think it's perfectly normal.

Enjoy these last few weeks!
:) Heather Callahan