April 7, 2009

Spring Break Chores!

Chad and I have a list a mile long of chores to get done over Spring Break. Some of our list includes:
oil change for my car
oil change for Chad's car
rotate my tires
hair cut for us both
mow the yard
clean the house
get Cali's nail's clipped and wash her

Today we began to mark somethings off of our to do list! Bright and early at 8:00 this morning we met with the pediatrician. He was such a nice man and eased my mind about what is to come. He assured me there will ALWAYS be someone to call to ask my questions (which is a relief! I have many!) and made us feel good about some of our decision making as parents already. I am confident we choose the right doctor for our boy.

Then Chad and I took advantage of being up early together and went and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We haven't eaten breakfast out in a long time! It was nice. I may have overdone my sugar count by having the most amazing pancakes and syrup, but I've been doing good so I treated myself!

After breakfast I had a doctors appointment. After my blood count and urine count he came in to ask me what I had eaten this morning because my sugar count was up...hehe! I assured him I don't eat like that daily and he laughed and said it was okay to treat myself every now and then, but not to overdo it! I left the doctor very excited because as of now I am 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and at a +1 position! Our baby is face down the way he should be! He is on his way to being here! Dr. Chris told me to take it easy this week if I want to go back to work for 2 more weeks, so that is the plan. On a sour note, he did say I couldn't go out of town for Easter, but Chad and I will enjoy that time together I know!

So we go to the doctor every Monday to be checked, and hopefully he can hang on 2 more weeks! The nursery is done and the doctors seem confident, so we are getting very excited!!!

Chad at the pediatrician's office. We love the bible verse!

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Hollie Heming said...

You must be going to Dr. Whitaker. We love him!! At your first visit with the baby, he'll pray with you, so be prepared. I cried and cried! Sometimes, while we're in the room waiting for him, the verses on the walls make me cry. You're going to love him and he's very patient with new moms and all the questions we ask. haha.
Good choice!!!