April 24, 2009

One Week Old

When I got pregnant I was prepared for a lot of things. Back aches, morning sickness, labor fears, doctor's appointments, and lots of trips to the bathroom.
When Brayden finally got here I was prepared for sleepless nights, hormonal changes, trips to Babies R Us, and an adjustment at home.
What I wasn't prepared for were the feelings I have towards my precious little man. I knew love before him, but it is so much more than that when I look at him. I love Chad more than anything for giving me this precious angle, I love my family for their support through this new time, and I love this baby more than I ever imaged was possible. The whole world looks so different to me now! It's a feeling that cannot be explained. I thank God countless times throughout the day for the child he put in our lives. He is such a perfect baby and I couldn't ask for anything more. I sat and watched him today and in only one week he has managed to amaze me. He is lifting his head and looking around. I even think he is finding his hands! I find myself up at night, not because he is crying, but just because I have to look at him and make sure its real.

At his 1 week doctors appointment today he is back on the upward slope of weight gain. He is now 6 pounds 12 ounces. They hope by next Friday he will be back to his birth weight of 7 pounds 2 ounces. He is eating more now and definitely using the bathroom more!!! We run the washing machine quite a good bit now and are constantly fixing bottles! It makes for a hectic day to have to think about everything he needs but I am cherishing every minute. I listen to the new Darius R. song about how fast things past and I don't want to let any minute pass me by. Even late at night when I sit up holding him after a feeding, and my eyes can hardly stay open, I stop to think about how blessed I am. What an amazing future the Bridges family will have!

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