April 14, 2009


What a great day it has been! I have had contractions most of the day which means the baby is definitely on his way! And if that isn't exciting enough...my parents and kids at work threw me a surprise baby shower!!! I cannot believe one of my precious ones did not spill the beans, but I'm glad they didn't. It was wonderful! My parents had precious cakes with blue booties on them, blue M&M's, and other snacks for the kids and I. They also blessed me with a MORE than generous gift card that I know we will use when our baby boy gets here. My favorite part was the game they had my kids play!!! Each child not only guessed the weight of baby Bridges (which ranged from 2 pounds to 12 pounds!!), but they were given a bundle of yarn to cut. The amount of yarn they cut was a guess at how big my belly was! It was so precious! Surprisingly we had a 3 way tie, and fun was had by ALL, especially me.

Everyone keeps telling me once the baby gets here I won't worry about anything else...but my classroom of kids will no doubt be on my mind. God has blessed me with such an amazing group this year that I wish I could keep! They have been so wonderful through this experience, and so interested! My parents are supportive and understanding which is great, and I will miss them all since I won't return this school year. Hopefully the baby will be nice and healthy so we can go visit more than once!

Now we are just waiting to see...is today the day????


Kathy said...

Good luck with everything!!! He'll be here soon!

Becki said...

So sweet of you to post about your class! Noah loves you so much and we are honored for you to be his teacher. Best of luck with everything! Can't wait to meet him!

Hollie Heming said...

Get plenty of rest. You'll need it for your labor! Call if you need anything :). I'm so excited!