April 3, 2009

Chad's Baby Shower

Today was Chad's baby shower! His school threw it for him and it was wonderful! We have been blessed with such wonderful people in our lives. Our baby boy is entering a very loving environment!
Chad was scared to death his friends were going to embarrass him, but he was pleasantly surprised to find they didn't do TOO much! They dressed him up to start off with all the things he will need to be prepared for our baby like an apron, shower cap, rubber gloves, and hand sanitizer! It was too funny. We enjoyed dinner together and Chad opened gifts. I know he had a good time! I'm so glad he has such a great group of friends! He is such a sweet man and will be an amazing father!

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Hollie Heming said...

What a FUN idea! I know you are both so glad to have this week off. Get some rest. You're in the home stretch :).