May 8, 2009

3 Weeks

I cannot believe I have had Brayden in my life for three whole weeks! We are almost off house arrest and I cannot wait to take him out and show him off! So far in his life, I have been able to get to know his cries (which he doesn't do a lot thank goodness!). He cries only when he's hungry or messy! How lucky am I?!? Although it is not time for him to have his official first smile, I watch him grin while he is sleeping. It makes me so anxious to see him actually smile! Also in these 3 weeks I have learned that Brayden enjoys riding in the car, sitting on the back porch (we are still working on opening our eyes outside), swinging in his swing, and music! He does not like having his feet touched or being cold! Brayden can lift his head and turn it side to side which is fun to watch. It's making burping him a little difficult though! I have enjoyed having him in my life and I can't wait to see what week 4 brings!

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