May 31, 2009

Prayers for the week...

This week the Bridges' family would like to ask for your prayers. We are specifically praying for:

1. Brayden's pediatrician appointment-we hope we can get him feeling better and stable on a formula. Listening to him cry and not know what to do is killing mommy!

2. Chad's last week of school-the last week of school is always crazy and there are a million things to do. We can't wait for him to be home though :)

3. Cali-I'm are afraid our sweet girl is having a hard time adjusting! She seems so sad, its awful! I think when Brayden can react to her with smiles and coos she will feel better about his arrival!

4. My next follow up at the doctor-I went for my 6 week check after having Brayden and they found a cyst. I've got to go back in July to be re-checked. He is pretty confident it will be gone (as most pop or shrink), but if its not then I'll be in an ultrasound just for a check to make sure all is well. No big deal...but a pain to have to keep going back to the doctor!


Emily said...

Prayers coming your way!!!!

Kathy said...

Hey! I wish I could! That christening gown was my great grandmother's and is 116 years old... I doubt the person who made it is around anymore :). I did see some BEAUTIFUL ones at Little Lambs and Ivy - I'll keep my eye out for you and let you know if I see any others. Good luck!

Also, those new pics of you guys and your sweet, precious son are beautiful!