May 1, 2009

House Arrest

Well, due to the "swine flu" which has been found in Newberry (not far from home), Brayden and I have been put on house arrest by the pediatrician! We are to just wait and see if anything comes of the virus in the next two weeks, but until then we are stuck inside. It's not worth the risk of him picking something up. It can be boring sitting inside all day, so some of the things we like to do are:
sitting on the back porch
watching 7th heaven marathons!
reading books
playing on the play mat
playing in the bouncer
and naps of course!!!
We have taken a few walks too, but its been so hot during the last few days we decided not to take him strolling. Soccer season for Chad is ending and after Monday he will be here every day with us. I know Brayden can't wait! He loves to be held by his daddy! I am enjoying my time at home with my little man and I don't know how I will ever go back to work and leave him! At least we have alllllll summer long before that happens though. :)

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