May 17, 2009

A Day Out

Mommy and Brayden at the park

Eating daddy's finger...time to go!

Chad and I have been trying our best to teach our little Brayden the difference between night and day! During the day we try to stay on the go so he is in the light and around noise and moving. We are now regulars at Target, Babies R Us, and the mall. Other than that, there isn't many places to just go stroll around. Yesterday, after our daily trip to the mall, we took Brayden to Irmo park! It wasn't too hot because storms have been passing through, so we thought it was a perfect time to take him. We had such a good time! We walked around, got on the swings, and enjoyed the beautiful day. We plan on going back for a picnic sometime soon. I can't wait!

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Becki said...

He is so precious!! and it looks like everyone is adjusting well! Enjoy him! Have a great week! Becki