May 24, 2009

The Formula Battle

After Brayden turned 4 weeks old, I started noticing problems when he was eating. He would cry while taking his bottle, but act like he was starving. He strained for hours before anything would happen, and my precious angel who never cried...started bawling! It was awful. He would only go an hour or hour and a half at night before waking up with gas and straining. So after calling the pediatrician we switched his formula from Enfamil to Gentlease.

On the Gentlease formula he started having major bathroom issues and projectile spitting up almost every time we burped him. He was having such severe gas we had to start using gas drops after every feeding. So after calling the pediatrician AGAIN, he was switched to soy formula. They are thinking he has some sort of milk allergy or problem with lactose. So now we will see how that works. He has only been on it for two days, so hopefully he will take to it and be okay!

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