May 30, 2009

Family Time

They look just alike don't they!

Brayden and I are counting down the days until daddy can be home with us for good. But for the time being, when Chad gets home we do two major things as a family.

First...Bath time
Every night Chad and I get together to give Brayden a bath. He helps support his head while I wash him, and then he bundles him up in his hooded towels until I clean up. Then we both dress him (yes it takes us both) and lotion him and get him ready for the night! And I have to brag, this routine seems to work because after his bath, Brayden has his longest sleeping time.

Second...Garage time
Since it has been so hot for walks, we all get together in chairs in the garage. We take drinks and cut on the fan and enjoy the shade. Brayden sits in his bouncer or in Chad's lap and looks out in the yard. And the great thing about it is that Cali can join us too! She's been such a sweet dog through this. I even think it has helped calm her down a bit!

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