May 2, 2009

Take Two!

Our first bath time with Brayden was not a huge success. Tonight however, I was excited to see less tears from him! We thought he may be getting too cold in the bath, so we tried some new things and they seemed to work. He looks so precious wrapped up in his hooded towels, and seems so content after a bath! I hope it is a time he can learn to enjoy! It's a great night time routine for all of us and something we have looked forward to the past few days. It's fun designating a time for all 3 of us to be together. Hopefully Brayden will like bath time even more tomorrow!!!

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Hollie Heming said...

If Brayden is anything like Will, bath time will become his and your favorite time of the day! Will is like a fish in water. He splashes, and squeals and laughs. We all love it!!