July 28, 2009

11 TOTALLY Random's!

Since having Brayden

1. Driving is TOTALLY different!

People are crazy! I'm a nervous wreck with him in the car. I am getting cut off, passed, almost hit, and honked at more than ever! I used to think people that had the "baby on board" sticker's were crazy...but now I TOTALLY understand!

2. Cleaning is TOTALLY different!

Since Brayden is on the floor all the time, I have become a vacuuming freak! But as most of you know, our lab Cali, is an inside dog and leaves hair everywhere. I also find myself cleaning the baseboards and dusting tons more too!

3. Talking has TOTALLY changed!

I find myself making funny noises and faces and using my "baby" voice when playing with my baby boy! Anything to see that sweet smile... I also talk a lot softer because I'm not wanting to wake him once he finally goes down for a nap!! Also...Even though he will never remember, I find myself watching what I say more around my baby boy.

4. Sleeping has TOTALLY changed!

I find myself loving my afternoon naps, and taking them as often as possible! I cherish every family nap time we all have together! At night, even when Brayden sleeps through the night, I am constantly checking the monitor and clock. I worry he's too hot/cold, gotten caught in something moving around in the crib, or hungry. So I'm usually lying in bed awake at night!

5. I was TOTALLY not prepared for the baby blues!

After birth, I knew something was going on with me. The nurse came 24 hours after Brayden was born to take him back to the nursery and I started crying...and couldn't stop. I knew he was safe and in good hands, so what was wrong with me! Then I got home and it continued! (My poor husband!) I had this amazing blessing in front of me, whom I couldn't get enough of, and I couldn't stop crying! And the no sleep, and no appetite didn't help either. Luckily after the first 3 weeks I got over it! But man...it was tough!

6. I have TOTALLY lost my mind!

Thinking for both Brayden and I is exhausting! By the time I have made sure his bottles are clean and fixed, washed his clothes, put up his toys, bathed him, and played with him...I can't remember what I had to do that day! Thank goodness for calendars! I have 3...one at school, one at home, and on in my pocket book! If you want me to remember it, make me write it down!

7. Worrying is TOTALLY different!

I would have told you that I was the type of person who didn't "sweat the small stuff." After having Brayden though, I realize I did sweat the small stuff. Having him put more focus on the real priorities in life. Now I worry about major things such as my family and our health. Gas prices, a missed phone call, and bickering ladies at work don't seem to matter much anymore.

8. Time is TOTALLY different!

Between 6:30 am and 9:30 pm, my entire day works around the 3 hours between Brayden's feedings! I'm scheduling everything I do around the time he eats, plays, and naps. It makes for some very quick days. It is kind of scary...I want time to slow down and let me enjoy every minute with my little one. He is getting so big...too fast! He is already almost 4 months and I feel like I just brought him home.

9. Shopping is TOTALLY different!

I have found that the stores I like to shop at are NOT stroller friendly! Dressing rooms were not made to fit me, my items, and my baby at the same time! Nor do the stores I love take nicely to a cooing baby! What a sweet sound it is-who wouldn't like it!?! I can't help it my baby is always happy!

10. Love is TOTALLY different. I knew that I loved my family, my friends, my husband, and life. But having Brayden...WOW, I never imagined a love like that. If at all possible, I love harder and stronger now. It's just unexplainable!

11. Holidays are something I've always looked forward to, but now I TOTALLY do!

Okay, I'm nuts. But I've already bought a Halloween sleep and play outfit for Brayden! It was TOO cute! I couldn't help myself. I find myself looking in stores daydreaming about his first Christmas, Easter, and birthday. I just can't tell you how happy it makes me to have this precious baby boy in my life!

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