July 8, 2009

I thought I loved you then...


You are absolutely the love of my life! From the moment I met you, I knew there was something special about you. My love for you was instant. I remember thinking "I have never loved anyone this much!" And what made it even more special, was I knew you felt the same way!

Then we were married and my love grew even stronger for you. You became a husband who made me feel loved and protected. We built a beautiful home together and were led the the church "just right" for us. I remember thinking "I love him more than the day I met him! How is that possible?!"

Then I became pregnant. I didn't think it could happen, but I loved you even more than the day we were married! You were understanding and helpful as I went through 9 months of new feelings! I remember thinking just days before birth, "I have never loved Chad more!"

Then we had Brayden. The most amazing experience of my life, and you gave it to me! Once again I find myself saying "I can't possibly love you more than I do at this time in our lives!"

Thank you for being you and all the amazing gifts you bring to my life. I love your love for our family and the Lord. I love that you hug me every day as soon as you get home. I love that you work so hard to give us things you think we deserve. I love how we know each other inside and out, and there is no pretending. I love that you know how I feel, before I even tell you. You have become my spirit and my joy.

I look forward to our long future together and to all the experiences that will make me love you even more than I can think or imagine!

Happy Anniversary Baby! It has been an amazing 3 years!

Brooke :)