July 17, 2009

Three Generations...

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant, was that I got to share it with my good friend Jessa! Almost every baby picture I have of myself (up until I'm like 6!) has Jessa in it! Jessa's mom and my mom were pregnant together and lived next door to each other. They took walks together every day, and shared advice when feeling scared. They were able to share their pregnancies together just like Jessa and I did. It's was so nice to have someone to talk/relate to when you body is doing crazy things! Yesterday she had her precious baby girl...Annie Parker! 7 pounds 13 ounces, and 20.5 inches...Born 3 months after Brayden! Brayden and I were going to wait until she got home to go see her, but mommy got too excited!!! So we took a trip to see her at the hospital today. As you can see in her picture, she is a gorgeous new mom and all are doing great! I'm so grateful she had an easy labor and delivery and everyone is healthy! I can't wait for us to take Brayden and Annie Parker to the park, and airport, and zoo to get pictures in the same places we have pictures together! And I couldn't help but notice during our visit with Jessa today....Brayden was smiling and flirting with Annie Parker! ;)

Jessa and I (both pregnant) with our mom's

Jessa and I with our new little ones...Brayden and Annie Parker

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Anonymous said...

look at those precious babies!!! soooo cute! Mom and I were going through pictures today and came across TONS of you and Jessa together when yall were babies, sooo sweet! I enjoyed meeting Brayden at the hospital! Hope to see yall again soon!

Roddey Sutton