July 1, 2009

Help me...I'm suffocating!!

When Brayden was born it looked like his carrier was swallowing him! We added some head rest which really helped him be comfortable in the carrier. I began to notice this last week that he squirmed a lot in his carrier and seemed to really dislike getting into it. He would get frustrated because he would turn his head and not be able to see because of the head rest. So...

We took them out! I cannot believe my sweet boy is big enough to not need them! Now he really enjoys being in his carrier (as you can see in the pic!) and he looks around while we stroll and coos. It is too precious. Strolling in it has become one of his favorite things to do!

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Sugar and Spice said...

Oh My, He is getting so big! Emma has the same carseat and she already has ALL of the extra padding taken out. She will be in a convertible carseat before football season, I think.