July 15, 2009

12 weeks!

Brayden is 12 weeks!
At 12 weeks he:
  • can tell the difference between mommy and daddy's voice
  • loves to listen to music
  • sucks his thumb when he gets tired
  • sleeps in his crib-this is hard for mommy!
  • likes to get high 5's
  • smiles at funny faces
  • laughs out loud a lot
  • coo's a lot more
  • starting to recognize his name
  • likes to be outside
  • raising his head during tummy time
  • has moved to 7 ounce bottles, 5 times a day
  • drools!

1 comment:

babyvalek said...

just precious! I am so happy for you Brooke..he is really starting to look more and more like you guys - what a doll baby!!