July 5, 2009


Brayden's 4th of July attire!!

Enjoying family time!

ALLLLLLLLL the fireworks!!
This year we celebrated the 4th at our neighbors house. They really outdid themselves!! They had a huge tent set up with fans, so we wouldn't all melt to death. They had the TV and radio out, and tons of food for all!! They had games and a pool to keep all the kids entertained. And the best part of all...$1,300.00 worth of fireworks!!!!!!!!!! Yes...you heard right. Fortunately, since Mike is such a great customer he only pays half price. So needless to say, once it got dark we had a great show.
Brayden enjoyed being outside and took his usual nap and dinner while we were out. When it was his normal time for bed, I brought him home for his bath and put him down as always, and daddy stayed to visit with the boys. I can tell he was tired from all the fun because he was instantly out! I though for sure he would wake up with the fireworks show, but he slept through most of it. He has slept through the night for 3 nights, and last night only had one middle of the night feeding. I think the late night fireworks woke him up! We had them going off in the neighborhood all night long!
Overall the holiday weekend was great! Daddy and I took Sunday to do a whole bunch of nothing together. It was great! It's going to be a busy week as we prepare for our first road trip with baby! Wish us luck!

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