January 22, 2009

Almost 26 Weeks!

At 25 weeks and 4 days here's how life goes:

  • Restless nights due to leg cramps and MANY bathroom visits! (Thanks for the maternity pillow Lauren, it has helped some!)

  • Tummy is getting VERY big-which is exciting and scary at the same time! I want our baby boy to be growing and healthy!

  • Up 3 bra sizes!!!!! Who would have thought!!??

  • Lots of bathroom breaks at work-the Lord blessed me with a bathroom in my classroom thank goodness!

  • Nursery Furniture in! Waiting on mattress so we can put our bedding on!

  • Showers starting to pick dates which I am SO excited about! :)

  • Having off and on round ligament pain as baby grows!

Although there are many irritations and crazy things going on throughout the day as my pregnancy progresses, I couldn't be happier! I feel closer to Chad than I ever have. He has stepped up as a husband and father in more ways than I could have imagined. Feeling our baby move everyday is reassurance that he is okay and well. My family is getting more and more excited, and we are praying my Papa Rod will be here to celebrate with us. My 25 week appointment was this week and all is well. Heartbeat was strong and I'm waiting for the results from my gestational diabetes test. We go again at 28 weeks so until then... :)

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