January 10, 2009

Scare #2

Early in our pregnancy Chad and I had a scare when I started bleeding at 10 weeks. Yesterday we had our second scare when I started having intense cramps at work. The morning was pretty good, but as I stood up from the couch in my classroom I started to feel cramping in the lower left side of my body. It hurt to walk or move, but if I sat back down the pain subsided. It kept moving through my side so immediately went to the phone to call my doctor. Of course on Friday's they close at 12:00 so I had to wait for the on call doc to call me. Luckily it was my doctor, Dr. Chris. After I got him on the phone I had been cramping for about 2 and a half hours. He really put me at ease though because he thinks its "very classic" round ligament pain. Especially since it started when I was going from a sitting to standing position. He also said if it was early labor or miscarriage pains, that when I sat or stood still it would NOT go away. Also, I was still feeling our baby boy kick and move, and my belly was soft, not contracting, so he just ordered me to go home and get in the bed for the rest of the day. Dr. Chris is a high risk pregnancy doctor and I trusted that if he thought for one second my baby was in trouble he would bring me in. Sure enough, just like Dr. Chris said, this morning I was drastically better. He even called me from home this morning to check on me! I have always heard most people have 1 or 2 scares in their pregnancy, so hopefully that was it for us! At least now I know what it was so if it happens again I know what is going on and what to do! We are at 24 weeks and baby is still growing and doing great. We have our next appointment on the 21st where I will have my gestational diabetes testing done. Can hardly wait for that! Blah! In the meantime Chad and I are thanking God for a healthy baby and praying that he stays in my belly as long as he needs to get healthy! We are picking up paint for the nursery today and picking up our crib and dresser next weekend, so lots to look forward to!

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