January 7, 2009

Late Night

Well...Chad and I offically started childbirth classes last night! After heading back to work Monday from two weeks off, it made for a looooooooooong night! Class started off jumping right into us having to watch a video of childbirth through natural and surgical ways. I must say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then again, I can't say I watched every second, and I don't think Chad watched ANY! HA! Then class continued to tell us about every stage of labor, the difference between false and true labor, and all the positions the baby can get in and the results if they are in different positions. After 4 hours of that, we FINALLY got to tour the hospital and see excatly where we go when the time comes for us. I must say, this part put me at ease a lot! Baptist hospital only allows the father and one other person in the birthing rooms which eased my fear of everyone in both mine and Chad's family being in one room! They have a beautiful waiting area for family members to wait and be updated frequently. The rooms are also much nicer and larger than I expected! The recovery rooms and stay rooms are also beautiful. And of course we had to stop and stare into the nursery at the beautiful babies and imagine when ours would be in there :) There are also strict visiting hours at the hospital in the stay rooms which Chad and I are excited about. We really want some time to be just "us" for a bit before all the visitors begin to come in. Once we are settled in our room, the nurses will bring us our nice "clean" new baby boy and we get some hours alone. So...overall it was both boring and exciting! We didn't get home until midnight, so I know it's going to make for a nice long rest of the week with my first graders! Our last class is next week, so who knows what we will learn then!

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