January 29, 2009

Praying for Papa Rod

I've always heard that life seems to hit you the hardest when you are pregnant and NOT supposed to be stressed out. For the past 2 weeks my family has been on a roller coaster ride with my Papa Rod. He entered ICU with a pancreas problem and as he was there, things seemed to get worse, then better, just in a matter of hours. Most all major organs have stopped working at one point, and he has blood clots which are under watch.

On Friday I got a call that he was doing better...kidney's working, breathing on his own, pancreas levels good, bacteria levels low. So I was able to go see him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They were good days. He could talk to me and even smile (which has not been happening since he got there). The last thing he said to me was that he was tired and really wanted to just go to sleep. I kissed him bye and went home. I got a call on Monday that he was so much better that they were moving him OUT of ICU and just admitting him to the main hospital. I cannot tell you how excited we were!

He enjoyed a day out of ICU, had some family and church friends to visit with, and was able to keep some broth down. You cannot even imagine the shock I felt when almost 48 hours ago my phone rang to say that Rod had flat lined for 10 minutes and was back in ICU and unresponsive. He still hasn't come out of it yet... My family is aching for the life of this man and we know it is out of our control. For my baby's sake I have not been to see him since he has been on life support. Selfishly, I just know I can't handle seeing a man I love so much not responding. I know my stress level would be through the roof to have to see that.

Even though things have been so painful, God has managed to show his hand in all of this. My last memories of speaking with my Papa Rod are that he just wanted to go to sleep. We had 3 great, pain free, days with him this weekend. When he flat lined, it was in the middle of the night, so he did not feel pain. And today, although on life support and unresponsive, they believe that they have found brain activity that suggest he could possibly breath on his own. Praise God for the man he made my Papa Rod, and I just pray that whatever his decision is, he continues to show his hand though the hard times we are having. It's a long road ahead still with Papa Rod, so please keep him in your prayers!

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