January 15, 2009

Diploma in Baby Class!

This week Chad and I received our "diploma" for completing childbirth class at Baptist Hospital. Let me tell you... they were some LONG nights!!! This last class taught us about pain methods (which I paid close attention too!) and complications which could potential move our normal delivery into a C-section. While there are 100 million things to worry about each day with my changing body, why not add the thought of a twisted/knotted cord or drop in the baby's heart beat to the list!! Anyways, no video to cringe at this time, but they had some VERY detailed pictures to pass around. The last thing we did before we left was learn breathing techniques to help us get through contractions in our labor. I have a feeling no matter how much practicing I do with breathing, I will undoubtedly forget it ALL when the time comes!!!! But, we are done, and we have our baby "diploma."

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