January 26, 2009

Child Care Search Begins

The last major battle we are going to have with our precious one is finding child care! We have started calling the names and numbers on our list of people who provide in home care. My list of questions goes on and on and most people have been great about answering them all. We have eliminated a few people already, based on the fact that they are in the car a lot, or have too many babies, or WAY too pricey! I am very hopeful about the last call I made. Chad and I made an appointment to meet with a lady who is only going to watch teacher's children. The first statement she made to me on the phone was that she is basing her child care on a christian beliefs. She followed with "I hope this isn't a problem. I just feel the need to be upfront." Are you kidding me! Too good to be true I hope. After talking with her I'm hopeful she is going to be our choice, but we will see. Please pray that we find the best person possible to help us in raising our child while we continue to work.

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