January 16, 2009

KD Family Fun!!!


Chad putting our new stroller together :)

Cali checking out the new goods...she has no idea what's been going on!

Training Cali to stay OUT of the nursery!

Our new baby carrier stroller!!!-Thanks to the recommendation from Hollie!

All the precious items stuck in our diaper cake :)

Tonight I went out to eat with my Newberry College Kappa Delta family. These girls have meant so much to me, and I wish we were able to get together more often! They surprised me with VERY generous gifts for baby Bridges and we got to catch up together. I cannot wait to put his diaper cake on his changing table tomorrow, and Chad and I went ahead and put his stroller together! These are our first gifts off our registry! They also gave us some bottle cleaning tools, bottles, stuffed animal, and baby blanket! I am so thankful to have Cara, Betsy, Kayce, and Jessica in my life and I know my little boy will be too! Thanks for everything girls!!!!!

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